this is me, lois lane

I'm a classic trickster, a creature of the fae also called Mini DIVA. I appear several times in my dad work series. He kindly refer of me as "a giggling-honest-and-totally-untroubled-psychotic-menace-to-cookies-toys-and-plastics" always in search of constantly changing mass of colours, strange objects and the Dresden Dolls. I like the Black Mountain School and I will have 2 dogs. Learned recently there's a new sheriff in town. No worries, my shadow never reflects my shape. I am here.



this is or was dad's calliope, i don't know anymore.

She's smart, she doesn't wear dresses, she rides a white horse! According to him, she's the true artist in this story.

Loves american rodeos and watches strange movies. Enjoys cooking and offers me M&M's every once and a while. Lovely creature. She doesn't dance like the bohemian bourgeois who's aboard the imaginary and idyllic sailing cruise through the carthaginian sea, instead she is the singer songwriter of a famous portuguese indie band. She loves green beer, mongol way of life, erotic literature, vintage neons and orchids, crowded beaches, fake architects, realism and modern politics. 

She's currently offline, away from dad, what a mess. I think the whole world went mad but dad says i'm overreacting. I wonder if i will ever see her again.



daddy-o, Born in 1983, sky instructor, Main Mccree and a proud father

Loves simple systems like immunity, storytelling, visual poetry, popsurrealist concepts and obscure monsters. A force of will, pride, and autonomy. Acutely aware, absolutely confident, and infinitely patient. Refuses to bow or accept authority. Worships nothing.

Divided in chasing me across this world of wonders, working at i2ADS - Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto), redesigning my playground and creating undisclosed content for some people.